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Company History

1987 James L. Turnipseed (Jim) started Turnipseed Lumber, a sole proprietorship. He sold lumber and Simpson Strong Tie products to general contractors while he worked for Dobbins Forest Products, Moore Lumber, and McKinney Wholesale.

1991 Jim starts selling Simpson Strong Tie products by himself with an office in his basement. Most of these products went into restaurants like Olive Garden.

1994 Hired first full-time employee, Sharon Fitzhugh, as bookkeeper.

1995 Supplied first structural steel to Chili's.

1996 Hired John Penuel to handle steel.

1997 Moved from Jim's basement to Cahaba Valley Road and hired Leith Martin and Jay Walters in June, then Carol Walker in August.

1998 Hired Ben McIntyre to work at the shop; later that year he moved to the office to handle bolt jobs. We also began the Detailing Department at this time. 


1999 Elected Leith Martin president and Jim Chairman of the Board.

Hired Jeff Pate in January, Steve Simcik in June, and Tim O'Hara in August.

Jay Walters leaves the company to return to school.

Hired Chuck Cothren to handle miscellaneous and structural steel installation for our customers. 



Steve Simcik and Jeff Pate leave the company in late summer to pursue other avenues.

Robert Brewer hired to manage the Detailing Department.

Bob Grundhoefer joins the company.

Jodi Brewer hired as Accounting Clerk in late fall.

On November 30th, Carol Walker retires; Angela Foster takes over as Estimating Supervisor.

Sharon Fitzhugh leaves the company in December to pursue an IT career in California.



Keith Thomas relocates to North Carolina. 

Sharon Fitzhugh - having returned to Birmingham in late April - takes over Accounts Receivable and Web Site Maintenance.

Turnipseed International, Inc.
7030 Meadowlark Drive
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: (800) 277-1327
Fax: (205) 991-6901